TED worldwide award

Wanted: the most beautiful teddybears of the world

Since 1998 TED worldwide is one of the biggest and most popular competition of its kind. This well known contest is hosted by Teddybär Welt in Wiesbaden and the teddybear magazine BärReport.

Every year enthusiastic and detail loving teddybear artists join in and compete for holding at the end of the competition the TED worldwide trophee in their hands. There are 3 classes with up to 7 categories, so every beary object takes part in its very own section. The bearmaker who is nominated in his category as one of the best 3 participants will be sure to be noticed in the worldwide teddybear family.

The 2 phases of TED worldwide

TED worldwide is a competition with 2 phases. Who makes the most beautiful teddybears of the world? In phase one a jury takes that decision. This jury contains every year eight new profi members – collectors, artists, organizers and dealers – from different countries of the world. No member knows about the the others, so no one can arrange his decision with the other. Decisions are taken by the pictures every participant gives in – without any name of artist. At the end of this phase all nominees are fixed up, 3 for every category. This is the first success for all nominees!

In the second phase this first choice of the jury is published in teddybear magazine BärReport (circulation: 21.000 pieces) and on our homepage www.baerreport.de. Now it’s up to the readers and internet surfers to choose the winners of the contest. Keep in mind: With a presence in BärReport and www.baerreport.de a teddybearmaker is connected to nearly the whole teddybear world. 

TED worldwide – a save and fair contest

And this is how you take part in the competition: Every participant sends three very good photos of his bear or his beary object (view from the front, back and side) and the filled out application form (download here). English is the language of the competition because our jury members come from all over the world. Photos are necessary because it would be too expensive and dangerous to send the bear itself round the world. It would take too much time until every bear reaches the jury members – and we could not guarantee that bears wouldn’t get lost. So photos are the most secure, fair and less expensive way for everyone.

The real bears do enter the stage, too, when nominated. They will be presented to the public (and under the permanent eyes of our security) on Teddybär Welt in Wiesbaden in RheinMain CongressCenter halls. By the way they could manage to be chosen as public winner, too, because now it’s the turn of every visitor of Teddybär Welt. They can vote their favourite teddybear or object. The public winner is presented on Sunday, 4 pm, on Teddybär Welt stage.

All nominated artists who are exhibitors on Teddybär Welt can bring the bear on their own. All other nominated ones send the bear or object by mail to Teddybär Welt team.

TED worldwide award – it’s time to celebrate!

The celebreties of the award take place every year on the first fair day of Teddybär Welt on Saturday night. Honoring all winners of the contest the celebreties with members of the jury and nominees take place in Crown Plaza Hotel and every winner is awarded his TED worldwide trophee and his certification. All winners who can’t come to Wiesbaden will get their trophees by mail.

And now good luck to every candidate!