Your stay in Wiesbaden

Wiesbaden – elegante and picturesque state capital within beautiful landscape 

With its 276.000 inhabitants Wiesbaden – only 20 minutes to go by car from metropolis Frankfurt/Main – is state capital from the German federal state Hessen. Close to river Rhein and the mountainous region Taunus Wiesbaden is with its 15 thermal and mineral springs one of the oldest spas of Europe. 

The former city of German empire offers a variety of rich architecture, historical buildings, churches, synagogues, monuments, museums and a vivid town center. Impressive sights like the Russian church on Nero mountain, luxurious villas close to the mountains of Taunus or Biebrich Castle close to river Rhein are only some of the highlights of a sightseeing tour. 

Splendid boulevards, narrow streets in the historic old town or idyllic places – Wiesbaden offers for every visitor the right thing. Streets, places and vaste parks invite for a stay. Find out more and discover the many cafés, restaurants and shops in this historic ambience. 

Wiesbaden is worth to visit. Go on a trip and discover Nero mountain for example. It is 245 metres high and a wine mountain. From here you have a wonderful view over Wiesbaden and the beautiful landscape with its wine growing areas around. Find more informations on